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IIncipio case ICP-002
  • IIncipio case ICP-002
  • IIncipio case ICP-002
  • IIncipio case ICP-002
  • IIncipio case ICP-002
  • IIncipio case ICP-002

IIncipio case ICP-002

Artículo No.: ICP-002
● Material: TPU / PC / PMMA / silicón / cuero / tela, etc. (según requisitos del cliente)
● Proceso: antigravedad / pintura / arenas movedizas / etiquetas engomadas del agua / grabado / galjanoplastia / línea del coche (según requisitos del cliente)
Parametros del producto
Numero de SKU: IIncipio case ICP-002
Color: colorful
Modelo: por muchas modelos
Material: pc
Calidad: AAA
Minimo Cantidad: 100pcs/modelos
Model: Please check the model list (more than 500 models, constantly updated by weekly)
● Product Name: painted liquid case
● Material: TPU / PC / PMMA / silicone / leather / fabric, etc. (according to customer requirements)
● Process: anti-gravity / painting / quicksand / water stickers / engraving / plating / car line (according to customer requirements)
● Trademark: according to the requirements of the customers
● MOQ: 200pcs for each model, 100pcs for each photo
● Delivery time: 7-15 days
● Packing: opp bag / pcs (single product);  box regulation: 36 * 25 * 30 cm;
     According to the requirements of customers to customize their own bags (pearl bags, crystal box charges)
● Weight about: 25kg / box (300pcs)
Products are in 100% in-kind shooting, no being special treatment
Support to map proofing customization, strict confidentiality of customer drawings, can sign confidentiality agreement
Professional art design, to provide design the foto services, according to the requirements of the production renderings
Independent manufacturers, we have our own molds and injection molding and painting electroplating factory


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